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Teaching Pedagogy

Teaching Pedagogy

IZee has created a curriculum that is focused on the needs of the industry, and it has been designed with the help of academic and industry experts. The teaching pedagogy is aimed at helping students understand and tackle real-life business problems by developing creative and feasible solutions. IZee students have access to various tools to aid them in finding solutions to these problems. Through experiential learning, IZee aims to prepare and equip their students for a successful future.

At IZee we believe in the below pedagogies for effective learning:

  • Case-Based Learning: This approach involves presenting students with real-world business scenarios and asking them to analyze and develop solutions to the problems presented. This allows students to apply theoretical concepts to real-life situations and develop critical thinking skills.
  • Experiential Learning: This approach involves providing students with hands-on experiences in business, such as internships or simulated business environments. This allows students to gain practical skills and knowledge that can be directly applied to their careers.
  • Collaborative Learning: This approach involves working in groups to complete assignments or projects. This allows students to develop teamwork skills and learn from one another.
  • Lectures and Presentations: This approach involves presenting information through lectures and presentations. This is a traditional method of teaching that can be effective for conveying theoretical concepts and foundational knowledge.
  • Technology-Enhanced Learning: This approach involves using technology, such as online platforms, to enhance the learning experience. This allows for flexible and interactive learning that can be tailored to individual student needs.
Teaching Pedagogy

Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology
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At IZee, we focus on developing not just managers, but well-rounded individuals who can succeed in all aspects of life. We believe in a holistic approach to education that encompasses the development of a student’s intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional quotient (EQ), social quotient (SQ), creative quotient (CQ), digital quotient (DQ) and happiness quotient (HQ). By nurturing all of these aspects of a student’s development, we aim to prepare them for a successful and fulfilling life beyond their career.

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