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About IZee Manpower

With our in-house recruitment partner, IZee Manpower, we have always been alert and proactive in sensing the ever changing market requirements and grooming our students accordingly to make them market ready.

Finishing School For Placements

Campus Placements at IZee is not only about employment, it’s about Career Planning and it’s not just about jobs its more about Passion.

Skill Development Trainings

In spite of numerous opportunities for fresh graduates, we have understood that Skill Sets are the distinguishable factors separating them from the crowd. Based on this, the students are provided various Value-Added Training, Workshops, Industrial Interface, Club Activities, Corporate Guest Sessions & HR Connect Programs

Placement Snapshots

Placement Activities


Mock Interview/Interview Skills

The mock interview is designed to increase students’ understanding and confidence in preparing for the real interview. Multiple sessions are conducted over a period of time monitoring the development and improvements of the candidates


Presentation Skills

Effective presentations and public speaking skills are an important skill required in today’s competitive corporate world.


Corporate Culture And Table Etiquettes

With multinationals dominating the corporate & business world today, it is a required trait to be able to adapt, accept & belong to the corporate culture. Whether it is at the office and maintaining Office Etiquettes or at Office Gatherings/Socializing events, able to maintain a proper decorum and follow the required etiquettes is crucial.


Resume Building

Showing the future employer what you have achieved and what you can bring into the company in a very practical yet professional manner matters a lot during the hiring process. Learning and adapting the best way to showcase ones training, educational achievements, work experiences and other accomplishments.

Placement Snapshots

Placements At A Glance

IZee Group of Institutions

The IZee Business School is a premier business school located in Bangalore, India. Here’s a snapshot of the IZee placements over the years for MBA program:

Batch of 2019

Izee Management
  • Total number of students: 1150
  • Average work experience: 1.5 years
  • Average age: 23 years

Batch of 2020

Sector Wise Placement
  • Total number of students: 1150
  • Average work experience: 1.5 years
  • Average age: 23 years

Placement Highlights

  • 4700 offers were made by 375 companies
  • 100% of the students received job offers within three months of graduation
  • Average salary increased by 12% from the previous year
  • The highest domestic salary offered was INR 15.5 lakhs per annum
  • Consulting, Technology, and E-commerce were the top sectors that hired the most students
  • Some of the top recruiters included Amazon, Biju’s, and Flipkart, Accenture, Concentrix and many more…
Placement Highlights graph

IZee has a strong reputation in the industry and consistently achieves excellent placement results.

Contact For Placement

Placement Officer

Phone : +91 80738 99980
Email : placements@izeeinstitutions.com

We are open on Monday – Saturday at 9am and 6pm, except on holidays

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