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We are one of the leading management schools in India with our campus located in Bangalore, Karnataka. With over 20,000+ Alumni, we aim to provide the best career options not only to our current students but also to our alumni network

IZee Education Trust was found by Mr. Zaheesh Moideen in 2009. Throughout our great history, IZee has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a leader in higher education, the college has pioneered in higher education sector.

Enjoy Exclusive Benefits & Privileges

Alumni Events

Alumni associations often host social events. At IZee, alumni can create their own clubs and host events through more than 200 groups. These events help alumni build a community and stay connected with friends from college. Alumni events are also a great networking tool.

Alumni associations typically plan the biggest alumni event, too: reunions. If you’ve always dreamed of planning a college reunion, join the alumni association and volunteer for the reunion committee.

Free Library Access

As an alumni, you still get full on-campus access to library resources. Your alumni association membership card doubles as your library card, allowing you to check out up to ten items at a time. You are also able to access databases within the library. If you don’t already have an alumni association membership card, you can request one.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer alumni off-campus access to databases at this time due to contract limitations with our database providers.

Networking Opportunities

Alumni associations offer networking opportunities, which can connect recent graduates with established professionals and help people pursue career changes.

Networking can take many forms. Alumni associations might offer online career fairs or host virtual networking events with tips for job interviews. Many alumni networks also maintain LinkedIn groups or connect alumni through member database

Career Services

Alumni associations offer career support for recent grads and longtime alumni. Career services can help professionals choose a career path, transition into a new field, and explore career opportunities.

What kinds of career services do alumni associations offer? IZee provides career coaching and hosts professional development events to help alumni advance their careers. IZee alumni association offers self-assessment tests, a job board, and regional career programs. Alumni can even apply for a scholarship to cover the cost of career searching.

Volunteer Opportunities

Alumni can participate in a variety of volunteer opportunities through their alumni associations, helping them give back to their communities. IZee offer virtual volunteering events, rely on volunteers to staff committees, and invite alumni volunteers to guest lecture.

At IZee, alumni volunteers interview applicants, score scholarship applications, and meet with student groups. IZeealso recognizes volunteers with awards. 

Give Back to Future Students

Colleges rely on their alumni to help current students and graduates. Alumni can give back to their communities and help current and future students in several ways.

Alumni also give back by participating in the student admission process. At IZee, alumni interview potential students and make admission recommendations.

Staying Connected to Your Alma Mater

Joining your alumni association offers all kinds of perks, like networking opportunities, but above all, an alumni association keeps you connected with your alma mater.

Whether you graduated decades ago or you’re still in college, an alumni association helps you maintain a link with your school. Many alumni associations welcome members back to campus regularly, including for events like reunions.

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