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3 Years Bachelor's Program / 4 Years Honors Program Under the new NEP Curriculum by Govt. of Karnataka | Bangalore University

Our BBA Course in Bangalore offers an undergraduate course with a duration of 3 years in various fields. All the courses we offer at our BBA Colleges in Bangalore are challenging and mainly created to develop and increase career opportunities. Bangalore, being the hub of education, makes the BBA Course Fees in Bangalore very expensive, which is not affordable for everyone.

However, we are the most affordable BBA Colleges in Bangalore with Fee Structure available online. That makes our college unique, and along with that, the courses are designed to contribute to the dissemination of academics. The primary mission of the BBA course we offer is to develop socially responsible business leaders with the spirit of having academic and industry engagement. 

BBA is a new generation foundation course which is considered by many as the degree of the future. But just acquiring a Graduate Degree is not sufficient in today’s competitive world. Therefore, bringing Global teaching practices and various pedagogy BBA Global enhances the crucial skills required for the management world.

With the curriculum curated to the industry expectations, at Our BBA Colleges in Bangalore students are provided with ample opportunities to develop hard & soft skills. We also offer BBA Aviation Course in Bangalore at Our Top B Schools in Bangalore.

BBA Colleges in Bangalore
What You Will Get

Some Key Points

International Exchange Program in Malaysia


Certificate from renowned Global Institute

Program Highlights

Life time Gold membership card for placement assistance through IZee Manpower

Stress Management Sessions

Digital Marketing workshops

Value Added Training Programs

Yoga & Fitness Certifications

Corporate Guest Sessions

Pre-Placement Training

Value Added Programs
International Exchange Program

• Soft Skills
• Communication Development
• Corporate Guest Sessions
• Personality Development
• Grooming Sessions by Experts
• Mentorship Program with industry experts
• Industrial Visits
• Pre-Placement Training
• Outbound Learning
• Digital Library Membership

Self Development

Students can opt for an international study tour to Malaysia / Singapore. This will give an opportunity for students get a global exposure.

  • International Exchange program in Malaysia (5-6 days)
  • Opportunity to explore & interact with business heads & professors
  • Exploring international destinations and getting a global exposure
  • Receiving a certificate from a renowned global institute

Digital marketing specialization

IZee’s Digital marketing specialization is designed to teach individuals the principles and techniques of digital marketing. It is typically aimed at professionals, business owners, and marketing students who want to learn how to use digital marketing to promote their brand, products, or services.

Digital marketing courses cover various topics, such as search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, web analytics, and more. They may also provide hands-on training in using digital marketing tools and platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and Hootsuite.

By completing a digital marketing course, individuals can gain valuable skills and knowledge that can help them excel in their career or business endeavors.


Logistics and Supply Chain Management Specialization

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Specialization are two closely related fields that involve in planning, management, and coordination of the flow of goods and services from suppliers to customers. Specializing in logistics and supply chain management in your course can offer several advantages, including:

  1. High demand for professionals

  2. Diverse career options

  3. Competitive salary

  4. Global opportunities

  5. Essential skill development

  6. Increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness

In summary, specializing in logistics and supply chain management can offer excellent career opportunities, competitive salaries, essential skill development, and increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness for businesses. It is a field that is growing rapidly, and there is a high demand for professionals with expertise in logistics and supply chain management.

Affiliation & Recognitions

Affiliated to Bangalore University

Affiliated to Bangalore University and recognized by Govt. of Karnataka

The Program is recognized by UGC, Ministry of HRD, AIU


50% Pass mark in 12th/ PU from a recognized higher secondary board in India

Key Features of Our BBA Course in Bangalore

  • It helps in Enhancing the earning as well as career potential
  • Offers deep knowledge related to all aspects required to run a business. 
  • Additionally, the BBA Colleges in Bangalore develop your personality and teaches public speaking and leadership.
  • Boost the network with professionals and helps you in interacting with like-minded people.
  • The best BBA colleges in Bangalore help in learning other functional areas and industries.
  • The BBA Course Fees in Bangalore that we offer are affordable. 
  • Advanced training and employment Customize your education to meet your objectives without interfering with your personal life, then put what you learn into practice.

You can also pursue your MBA career at IZee Institutions, as we are known as the Best MBA Colleges in Bangalore.

Why Choose Our BBA Course in Bangalore

In IZEE Institutions, we aim to make every student shine in their specific profession. We train students to be multitaskers who can lead and synergize the business management process, as well as implement new strategies. Being among the Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore, we intend to allow students to reach their full potential and acknowledge their compatible strengths. Here are some other reasons as well to choose our BBA Course in Bangalore:

Exceptional Faculty: The exceptional facilities of our Best BBA Colleges in Bangalore are zealous to bring the students into real-time business situations and offer a stimulating educational environment.

Affordable BBA Course Fees in Bangalore: Izee Institution offers affordable BBA Course Fees in Bangalore that allow the student to grow extensively in a different range of industries, and organizations and offer multiple sets of opportunities for themselves. We pride ourselves in delivering a professional who is competitive in today’s ever-changing business environment and meets the organization’s demands.

Overwhelming Educational Campus: The campus of our BBA Colleges in Bangalore contribute to the competitiveness of student as well. Pursuing a BBA in Bangalore from IZEE is the perfect opportunity for enrolling in a school that offers a well-equipped campus. Right from infrastructure to education facilities, everything is well maintained and adequate at IZEE.

Our effective teaching and learning techniques combination among the faculty members greatly appreciated. The future professional from IZEE, who owns the exact set of attribute, intelligence, and skill set, rule the business world.

Delivering Adept Professionals: The online availability of the IZEE, the best BBA Colleges in Bangalore with Fee Structure, allows students to open the scope for more questions, leading to more lines of development. At IZEE, we encourage students to engage in intellectual discussion, conduct thorough research, gather evidence from peers, and seek viewpoints from various sources and people.

The mission of BBA Course in Bangalore

  • To provide students with expertise in functional areas of business with a BBA in Bangalore so that they can pursue professions in management and flourish in many domains of management.
  • To combine many abilities required for managerial performance (such as presentations, rapid reading, geopolitical awareness, and time management) in addition to theoretical information exchange.
  • To advance management knowledge through research, both applied and conceptual.
  • Students’ decision-making and administrative skills should be improved.
  • Motivating students to apply management principles to new and innovative management areas. For our Best BBA Colleges in Bangalore with Fee Structure you can contact us.


What is BBA?

BBA is an acronym for Bachelor of Business Administration. It is an undergraduate program that teaches students about the various principles involved in business management. The degree gives students an overview of the corporate world and opens up a diversified and wide range of prospects.

Is BBA a professional course?

Yes, BBA Course Fees in Bangalore is a professional degree program, we also offer other courses like BCA and MBA. It equips students with the information and abilities needed to pursue an exciting and satisfying career in business. The program covers key business topics and guarantees that students develop business management, communication, and leadership abilities.

What can we do after BBA?

Students who complete the BBA curriculum are prepared to pursue a variety of positions in business and management. Students can concentrate on many aspects of business management such as marketing, finance, human resources, operations, and so on. Students can also pursue advanced degrees in MBA and other related professions.

Why BBA at Izee Institutions?

The BBA Program at Izee Institution guarantees that its students have the requisite abilities to land a successful profession. It emphasizes creative thinking abilities, communication abilities, technical abilities, entrepreneurship and invention, business knowledge, and so on. Izee Institution BBA Colleges in Bangalore students are completely equipped for the seamless transition from college to employment, with a special emphasis on developing high-demand skills.

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