BBA Aviation Colleges in Bangalore

Best BBA Aviation Colleges in Bangalore

3 Years Bachelor's Program / 4 Years Honors Program Under the new NEP Curriculum by Govt. of Karnataka | Bangalore University

BBA Aviation is a 3/4 years undergraduate course that deals with passenger forecasting, airport security, passenger forecasting, etc. As the BBA Aviation Colleges in Bangalore, we offer BBA Aviation course that covers numerous subjects like marketing, accounting, human resources, and students learn about the fascinating world of airports and the aviation industry’s working. As the Best Aviation Colleges in Bangalore, Our Management sector of aviation provides many job opportunities. Hence, there is a rise in employment and high demand for the aviation industry.

IZee Group of institutions is the Top B Schools in Bangalore and counted among the Best Aviation Academy in Bangalore. The course focuses on offering high-quality professional management education to young people who are keen on the aviation industry and wish to join as junior executives in service organizations. Our BBA Aviation Colleges in Bangalore focuses on providing correct begging to all the young ones who aim to take up Post Graduate Studies in Management and Commerce. The main reason for being the Best Aviation Colleges in Bangalore with Fees is because of the BBA Course in Bangalore we offer, which is the amalgamation of practical and theoretical knowledge so that students can work in the real environment with comfort and ease. 

Izee institute
What You Will Get

Some Key Points

In-Flight & Take Off session @ Leading International Airports




International Exchange Program

Certifications & Value Added Programs

6 Sigma

Business Analytics

Project Management

Digital Marketing

Entrepreneurial Development Program

Advanced Microsoft Excel

Total Quality Management (TQM)

HR Connect Program

Corporate Guest Sessions

Soft Skills

Communication Skills

Pre-Placement Training

Program Highlights
Key Events for Skill Development
  • Life time Gold membership Card for placement assistance through IZee Manpower
  • International Internship & Exchange Program
  • Value Added Training Programs
  • Choice of Specializations
  • MBA from Top Ranked University
  • Corporate Guest Sessions
  • Entrepreneurial Development Program
  • Outbound Learning
  • Industrial visits
  • Start-up Incubation
  • Mentorship Program with Industry Experts
  • Internship Opportunities

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Specialization

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Specialization are two closely related fields that involve in planning, management, and coordination of the flow of goods and services from suppliers to customers. Specializing in logistics and supply chain management in your course can offer several advantages, including:

  1. High demand for professionals

  2. Diverse career options

  3. Competitive salary

  4. Global opportunities

  5. Essential skill development

  6. Increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness

In summary, specializing in logistics and supply chain management can offer excellent career opportunities, competitive salaries, essential skill development, and increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness for businesses. It is a field that is growing rapidly, and there is a high demand for professionals with expertise in logistics and supply chain management.

Affiliation & Recognitions

Affiliated to Bangalore University

Affiliated to Bangalore University and recognized by Govt. of Karnataka

The Program is recognized by UGC, Ministry of HRD, AIU


50% Pass mark in 12th/ PU from a recognized higher secondary board in India

Benefits of Our BBA Aviation Management Course:

Aviation Industry Insights: The BBA Aviation Colleges in Bangalore offer students with detail knowledge of the aviation industry. It includes current trends, history, and future prospects.

Networking Opportunities: At IZee Institutions, the Best Aviation Colleges in Bangalore, help students to build relationships with industry professionals. Additionally, offers valuable networking opportunities with air traffic controllers, pilots, and airline executives. 

Career Advancement: The BBA Aviation Course we offer at our Best Aviation Academy in Bangalore helps students in improving skills. Additionally, it enhances the knowledge required to pursue careers in the different sectors of the aviation industry.

Technical Skills: Our BBA aviation management program focuses on boosting technical skills and expertise in the areas like aircraft maintenance, flight safety, and aerodynamics. This gives students a competitive edge in the market.

BBA Aviation Course in Bangalore

The Best BBA Aviation Colleges in Bangalore is designed based on a multidisciplinary competence framework and includes some major general and specific areas like strategic management, personnel management, marketing, project management, aviation industry, organizations of aviation sector, air traffic control, operations, and management of airlines, planning, and management of airports, tourism management, etc.

Our Aviation Colleges in Bangalore with Fees aims to develop aviation management professionals who will understand the importance of the aviation industry and will be able to apply modern management concepts, enabling them to act more quickly in a changing global and competitive aviation sector.

The courses at Best Aviation Colleges in Bangalore will emphasize multidisciplinary abilities, such as identifying problems and trends, making managerial decisions autonomously, forming groups needed for execution, and organizing essential tasks.

The teaching technique of our Best Aviation Academy in Bangalore consists of a combination of theory and interactive sessions, fieldwork, projects, and presentations. At Izee we also offer other courses like MBA and BBA Course in Bangalore.

Mission of BBA Aviation Colleges in Bangalore

The Izee Institution is well-versed in developing individuals with high-level executive skills for management and leadership, who will become strategy accelerators. And change leaders in a customer-driven global network in the aviation industry, while also being accountable for instilling high standards and values in their teams.


1. What is a BBA in Aviation?

The BBA in Aviation is an undergraduate curriculum that focuses on many aspects of business management, with a particular emphasis on the aviation industry. Aside from essential business management courses, BBA Aviation also contains topics like the Airline Industry, Aviation Security and Safety Management, Aviation Law, Travel and Tourism Management, Aircraft Maintenance and Management, Cabin Crew Management, and so on.

2. What are the subjects in BBA Aviation?

The BBA Aviation program covers a wide range of topics related to business management and the aviation industry. Fundamentals of Management, Strategic Human Resource Management, Airline Industry, Aviation Security and Safety Management, Productions and Operations, Marketing and Retail, Aviation Law, Travel and Tourism Management, and other topics are covered.

3. Is BBA Aviation a Good course?

BBA Aviation is a fantastic course for students who want to work in the aviation industry. The course introduces students to numerous facets of the aviation industry, such as airport management, airline operations, aviation safety, and so on.

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