Top B Schools in Bangalore

Top B Schools in Bangalore

Izee Institutions is one of the Top B Schools in Bangalore, offering a comprehensive range of programs, including a two-year and three-year full-time residential program. The program offers a holistic approach to leadership development with its innovative blend of classroom learning with immersive experiences, ensuring a well-rounded education.

At our B School, we provide a variety of courses, such as BBA Aviation, MBA, and BBA in Bangalore. These programs are meticulously crafted to equip students with the essential skills, preparing them effectively for the industry. As part of our commitment to global exposure, we also offer exchange programs in foreign countries, enhancing the international perspective of our students.

What sets us apart is our dedication to affordability without compromising quality. Our transparent online Fee Structure distinguishes us in the landscape of B Schools in Bangalore. The courses we offer not only contribute to academic excellence but also emphasize the practical application of knowledge.

Our core mission is to nurture socially responsible business leaders who are deeply engaged in academia and industry. Through our programs, we strive to instill a sense of academic curiosity and a spirit of responsible leadership. 

Izee institute
Our Programs

Key Features

Holistic Curriculum

A balance of theoretical and practical learning, equipping students with the tools for real-world challenges.

Immersive Experiences

Thoughtfully curated experiences that immerse students in real industry scenarios, enhancing their decision-making skills.


A pioneering commitment to making quality education affordable for aspiring professionals.

Learning Goals at Our B Schools in Bangalore

Develop Critical Thinking

Prepare socially conscious and ethically motivated managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs

Ability to Work in Groups Effectively

Develop Competence in Quantitative Analysis

Objective of Our B Schools in Bangalore

Izee’s objective is to cultivate conscientious and culturally aware leaders who possess a worldwide perspective. Our mission is to shape managerial approaches that promote ethical advancement and endorse value-driven progression. This is achieved by advancing wise innovation, with a dedicated focus on the following proficiencies.

  • Ethical and culturally sensitive leadership
  • Effective management in a global environment
  • Expertise across functional and interdisciplinary business domains
  • Rational decision-making
  • Pioneering and inventive leadership

Course We Offer At Top B School In Bangalore

At our Top B School In Bangalore, we offer a diverse array of courses tailored to meet contemporary industry demands. Each course combines theoretical rigor with practical insights, facilitated by experienced faculty and industry collaborations. 

The offerings include:

  • BBA Aviation Course: Immerse yourself in the world of aviation management, learning the complexity of airline operations, airport management, and aviation business strategies.
  • BBA Course: Our Bachelor of Business Administration program prepares students for leadership roles through comprehensive studies in management, economics, marketing, and more, honing their business acumen.
  • BCA Course: Delve into the realm of computer applications with our Bachelor of Computer Applications, equipping students with technical proficiency in software development, database management, and IT solutions.
  • MBA Course: Our Master of Business Administration program grooms future leaders with advanced business knowledge and strategic thinking. Specializations in finance, marketing, operations, and human resources enhance career prospects.
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