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Known to the world as one of the top tourist destinations, France is also one the strongest and varied economic markets. France’s pride and expertise in its traditional domestic products and industries has helped establish its global profile, fueling the international success of French companies and brands and attracting a range of overseas businesses to the country.

With France being the 1st to establish European MBA program with the key aim being cultivating business acumen in Higher Education.

Today Institutions in France offer MBA opportunities to suit a diverse range of career goals and enhance the prospects of even the most aspirational candidates.

A student pursuing an MBA (Master of Business Administration) Program is aiming at developing leadership & entrepreneurship skills through various activity-based teaching and a pedagogy that will ensure they are ready to face and conquer the ever-evolving business world.

To ensure our students receive the best of the best in terms of exposure, experiences and learning adventures; we have developed an enchanting program whereby students start their MBA journey in India and get to complete the program in France.

College De Paris

College de Paris is a private higher education institution located in France. It offers a range of degree programs, from undergraduate to postgraduate levels, in various fields including business, communication, tourism, and management. The institution has several schools, including the Paris School of Business, ESGCV (Communication, Visual Design and Digital Marketing), Ascencia Business School, and the European Communication School.

College de Paris emphasizes practical, hands-on learning through internships, company visits, and workshops, as well as theoretical knowledge. Its faculty comprises professionals with experience in their respective fields, who aim to prepare students for the professional world.

The institution is recognized by the French Ministry of Education and is a member of the Conference of Grandes Ecoles, a network of French higher education institutions that are known for their academic excellence and selectivity in admissions.

What You Will Get

Some Key Points

Program takes place in 2 Countries & 2 Institutions

Students learn at least 2 Foreign Languages

Opportunity to carry out an Innovative Business Project from idea to implementation

Get fundamental skills required to gain a recognized European Management Degree

Complete In France

Advantages by Completing MBA from France

France is well-known for its art & fashion along with cuisine, but they are also very serious about their higher education. France’s higher education is rated amongst the top in the world for its content and quality.

Robust Economy

France also has one of the most robust and largest economies in the world. The country has the 6th strongest economy in the world and the 3rd largest economy in Europe, giving it a major edge in providing job opportunities, a satisfactory lifestyle, and endless networking opportunities

Low-Cost Transportation & Accommodation

For every student the challenges in studying abroad is usually with accommodation & transportation. In France there are multiple networks built to assist students for a hassle-free way of life in terms of inexpensive bike rentals to co-rent accommodations

Opportunities in France after Post-Graduation

It is always not easy to obtain a work visa or residence permit to work in another country, however, that is not the case for a student who has completed their post-graduation program from France. The students who have completed their program there are eligible to apply for a 1 year work visa.

Business Hub

Though Paris is known for its Fashion, the country, France, is also a major business hub for multiple industries. With Europe’s largest dedicated business district in Paris, it provides unlimited opportunities to business exposure.

Affordable Schooling

The fees for obtaining higher education in France is much cheaper compared to other European countries and the USA.

Emphasis on R & D

France is known to be the 6th best place for Research & Development. The country spends quite an amount of money into R & D, placing them at a very high rate in the world. The country’s education system as well as industry actively seeks research scholars from around the world. This, in turn, would ensure that no matter what the subject, the expert is readily accessible to you.

French; An Important Business Language

Spoken by nearly 325 million people worldwide and ranked just after English & Mandarin, French continues to enjoy a strong position in the business league.


The country provides the uniqueness of introducing a person to an exquisite society, both rich in its traditions and outrageous in its boldness. France is full of people of all walks of life. As you work through your MBA and meet people, you are likely to interact with individuals from all over the world and people with different interests, personalities, backgrounds, and religions.


Today, managers are required to be innovative and progressive in their thought process, inculcate the sense of social responsibility in their actions and look at sustainability rather than profits – studying in France assists you.

Program Highlights

Program Highlights

Global exposure through interactions and experiences

Learning foreign languages

Mentorship opportunities from Industrial Experts

Opportunity to work while you learn from 3rd semester

Exciting internship opportunities

Learning the Global Business World

Internship & Job Opportunities

Students receive Internship Opportunities and Capstone Project after the first 9 months of their tuition in France

Earning while you learn and complete your MBA

1 year job opportunities post successful completion of MBA program through the APS Visa

Opportunities with good stipend value

Gaining industrial experience during your MBA

Placement assistance for students after completion of the course


Students with bachelor’s degree in any discipline with minimum 50% marks from a UGC recognized university are eligible.

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